Instructor Biographies

Landon Blake

Landon Blake is licensed to practice land surveying in California and Nevada. He is also a Certified Federal Surveyor. In his employment with KSN, a civil engineering and land surveying company in Stockton, California, Landon’s primary role is Project Land Surveyor. In this role he manages the various surveying aspects of large public works projects and smaller commercial development projects. This includes survey control; topographic surveys; boundary surveys; preparation of maps, plats, and legal descriptions; and drafting of maps and civil engineering plans. He also oversees the implementation of GIS technology at KSN.

Landon volunteers with several organizations. At the non-profit advocate of open source geospatial software the OSGeo he serves as an author, editor, and reviewer for the OSGeo Journal. Landon also administers the OSGeo Incubation Labs as part of his duties as a member of the OSGeo Incubation Committee. He is currently the OSGeo Board Representative for the California Chapter of OSGeo and is responsible for organizing the chapter’s annual meeting.Landon is the founder of the California Central Valley Geospatial Professionals Group. The California Land Surveyors Association Central Valley Chapter has a San Joaquin County Government Liaison Committee, of which Landon is a member. Landon also sits on the CLSA GIS Committee. He is also a CLSA Central Valley Chapter Representative to the CLSA Board of Directors. Landon also works on a couple of volunteer projects hosted and supported by Redefined Horizons, when his time allows. This includes maintenance of the San Joaquin County Filed Map Index and management of the City of Stockton Chiseled Crosses Monument Preservation Project. Landon also partipates in the California Geodetic Control Working Group and maintains the California Central Valley Survey Control Network.