About Us

What is On Point Workshops?

On Point Workshops offers high quality instruction on topics related to boundary surveying, land use, real property law, and GIS. We organize monthly workshops featuring in-person instruction at cities around the Southwestern United States.

Who is On Point Workshops?

On Point Workshops is managed by Angel Padilla and the workshops are taught by land surveyor Landon Blake. On Point Workshops is produced by Redefined Horizons, a geospatial media and software company. Redefined Horizons is a small family-owned and operated business based in Stockton California. Redefined Horizons is owned by Landon and his wife Monique, and is managed by their niece Angel Padilla.

Why is the training offered by On Point Workshops so important for you and your organization?

Why is the training offered by On Point Seminars so important? Land surveying is a rapidly changing profession that grows more and more complex. The seminars we offer help land surveyors and other land use professionals make sense of this complexity. Our speakers share their own best practices for challenging aspects of land surveying and land management, and raise and discuss important questions for the land surveying and land use professions.

What makes our workshops different?

We don’t do any reading of presentation slides. Our speakers strive to offer education that is entertaining, practical, and thought provoking. Our workshops regularly feature exercises and hands on training. We make a diligent effort to engage with our audience during each workshop. Your questions are always welcome during a workshop presentation, and we work to improve our teaching based on your comments and feedback.