Workshop Program: Determining Land Boundaries

In this workshop, On Point Workshops Instructor Landon Blake will teach a 3 hour workshop on determining land boundaries. Here is an outline for the workshop:

  1. Deeds and Land Descriptions
  2. Types of Land Descriptions
  3. Establishing Boundaries on the Ground
  4. Basics of Title Insurance
  5. Understanding ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

As part of the workshop, Landon will answer the following questions:

  1. What are the important differences between deeds and land descriptions?
  2. What are the basic types of land descriptions?
  3. Who should write land descriptions, and why?
  4. What belongs in a land description, and what doesn’t?
  5. What workflow does a surveyor typically follow to map a land description onto the ground?
  6. How does our land title system work in the United States, and what are its historical roots?
  7. What is the purpose of an ALTA/NSPS land title survey?
  8. How are land title surveys abused? What should always be included in your land title map, and what should never appear on your map?