Workshop: Data Management Skills With The Public Land Survey System

Data management skills are critical for successful land surveyors as we move into the work of massive digital data. How do you manage digital data effectively? What are the different approaches to data organization, and what are there benefits and advantages? In this workshop Landon Blake used an example project implementing a GIS for the inventory and survey of Public Land Survey System monuments to teach basic data management skills for land surveyors. The audience will also learn basic GIS concepts and will be helped to understand how GIS can be used by land surveyors as a data management tool. As part of the workshop exercises, the audience will identify the input data, GIS tasks, and output data (deliverable) for a number of tasks in the example project.

Workshop Outline

  • PLSS Basics
  • Vector GIS Basics
  • Basic Methods for Data Management
  • Example Project Scenario: PLSS Corner Inventory and Survey

Workshop Exercises

  • Identify Data Elements From Survey Map
  • Data Management for PLSS Corner Inventory
  • Data Management for PLSS Corner Survey