Workshop: Working With Land Surveyor Records For Land Parcels In Your GIS

In this workshop Landon carefully explains how GIS professionals can work with land surveyor records and data for land parcels in their GIS. The workshop begins with a discussion of the land surveyor’s role in the American Real Property System. Landon then reviews the two (2) basic types of land survey records related to land parcels. Common digital land survey data products related to land parcels are discussed next.

The workshop continues with an explanation of how land surveyors locate land parcels in related to each other and the rest of the world. This part of the workshop explains how land surveyors use basis-of-bearings, datums, and coordinate systems.

The workshop concludes by showing you how to extract valuable GIS data from land survey records related to land parcels, and how to manage metadata in your GIS related to these records.

If the management of land parcels is part of your job as a GIS professional, this workshop is for you. Land surveyors with an interest in greater integration of survey data into GIS will also benefit from attending.

Workshop Outline

  • The Land Surveyor’s Role In The American Real Property System
  • 2 Basic Types of Land Survey Records Related To Land Parcels
  • Common Land Survey Data Products Related To Land Parcels
  • Where In The World?
  • Extracting GIS Data From Land Survey Records And Data Related To Land Parcels
  • Managing Metadata For Land Survey Records and Data Related To Land Parcels

Workshop Exercises

  • Identifying GIS Land Parcel Management Tasks Related To Land Survey Activities
  • Land Survey Record Review
  • Parcel Map GIS Data Extraction
  • Corner Record Metadata Management Workflow Example