Workshop Program: The Business Case For Greater Land Surveyor Involvement In GIS

This workshop presents the business case for land surveyor involvement in GIS. It explains why most land surveyors need to be making investments in GIS technology. It also identifies the type of land surveying company with a business model the most at risk from GIS technology.

The need to invest in GIS is being driven primarily by changes in technology that change the way land surveyors practice their profession. The workshop helps land surveyors understand how these technologies are changing their business and which technologies are most likely to be the most important drivers of change moving into the future.

The workshop concludes with a discussion about why our clients and the larger public would benefit from greater land surveyor involvement in GIS.

The workshop includes four (4) audience exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned during the workshop.

If you are a land surveyor interested in learning if GIS is a good investment for your business, this workshop is for you.

Workshop Program

  • Technologies Driving Change In Land Surveying
  • The Impacts of New Technology
  • Understanding Spatial Data As A Commidity
  • Dangerous Business Models
  • Business Reasons for Greater Land Surveyor Involvement In GIS
  • Other Reasons For Land Surveyor Involvement In GIS

Workshop Exercises

  • Technology Evaluation
  • Considering Spatial Data Commoditization
  • Business Model Evaluation
  • Considering Surveyor Qualifications For GIS

Total workshop time is 4 hours.