Workshop Program: Working With Land Survey Data For Land Parcels In Your GIS

Land parcels are a critical foundation for many GIS applications. These applications include natural resources land management and local government. A great deal of the records related to the location and type of land parcels are created by land surveyors, not GIS professionals. This workshop introduces the GIS professional to the land surveyor’s role in the American property system. It explains the two (2) basic types of land records created by land surveyors. It then explains how to work with standard survey records and data products related to real property. It concludes with a discussion of the methods used by surveyors to spatially reference their land records and an examination of metadata that should be associated with land parcel data created by land surveyors.

Workshop Program

  1. What is the land surveyor’s role in our real property system?
  2. Understanding the Two (2) Basic Types of Survey Records for Real Property
  3. Understanding Common Land Survey Data Products for Real Property
  4. Where in the World? (Basis of Bearing, Datums, and Coordinate Systems)
  5. Managing Metadata for Land Surveying Records and Data for Land Parcels

Total workshop time is 8 hours.