Workshop Program: Surveyor Reports – Why, When and How

Project documentation is a critical, and often neglected, element of professional land surveying. In this seminar you’ll learn why it is important to write surveyor reports, on what type of projects you should write reports, and when during a project is the best time to write surveyor report content. The workshop concludes by looking at a system for writing reports in a cost-effective and effective way. During the workshop sample surveyor reports for a construction staking project and a boundary survey project are examined.

Workshop Program

  1. What is a surveyor report?
  2. Why write surveyor reports?
  3. On what type of projects should you write surveyor reports?
  4. When during a project is it the best to write surveyor report content?
  5. How can you write surveyor reports in a cost-effective and efficient way?

Total workshop time is 4 hours.