Workshop Program: Documenting Property Corner History

A proper understanding or the history of each property corner involved in a boundary survey is a key element of a proper boundary resolution. In this seminar you learn a system for the research and cataloging of property corner history. This includes discussing the typical events in a property corner lifecycle and the process for creating a property corner timeline. Examples that demonstrate the importance of documenting property corner history are considered. The seminar concludes with a discussion of how property corner history can be managed in a simple geographic information system.

Workshop Program

  1. What is the land surveyor’s role in our real property system?
  2. Understanding the Two (2) Basic Types of Survey Records for Real Property
  3. Understanding Common Land Survey Data Products for Real Property
  4. Where in the World? (Basis of Bearing, Datums, and Coordinate Systems)
  5. Managing Metadata for Land Surveying Records and Data for Land Parcels

Total workshop time isĀ 4 hours.