Workshop Program: Best Practices for Acquiring Land Surveying Services

Engineers, architects, land managers, and other professionals are often required to obtain land surveying services for a project under their supervision. Oftentimes these professionals obtain these services with a poor understanding of exactly what a land surveyor does and why land surveying services are needed on a project. This lack of understanding can lead to increased risk and expense for the project.

In this workshop we help you obtain the understanding you need to make the most effective acquisition of land surveying services for your next project. During the workshop we discuss the common services land surveyors provide and explain how a land surveyor is different from a typical contractor. We also examine the sources of risk that are part of any land surveying project, explain how these risks can impact your project and the land surveyor, and show ways you can properly reduce and manage this risk. We closely examining proposal documents created when you acquire land surveying services. This includes the scope of services and request for proposal documents. The workshop concludes by working through the creation of an effective request for proposal document on two example projects. The concluding exercise will allow you to see the best practices you’ll learn during this workshop in action.

Workshop Program

  1. Is a land surveyor a contractor? How are contractors and land surveyors different?
  2. The basic types of services a land surveyor provides to your project.
  3. Understanding risk in the survey process.
  4. Managing risk in the land surveying scope of services.
  5. Avoiding common mistakes in your RFP for land surveying scope of services.
  6. Example projects exercise.

Total workshop time is 8 hours.